The Hopp Shop Advantage

The Hopp Company has many advantages to you and your business. First, they offer a variety of styles for your business. They differ from the competition by offering customized, personalized options to display in your store. The huge library of designs, graphic options and finishes allows you to choose the perfect color scheme, quality and layout to compliment your inventory. Unlike our competitors, we offer abstract designs, wood grains and even metallics to differentiate different products or services. It is essential to differentiate your business from others, and outstanding graphics are the best way to do so.

Custom Made and Domestic

The next Hopp advantage is what every business owner or operator strives for: quick turnaround! As one of the largest, most effective manufacturing facilities in North America, the turnaround time for our orders beats the competition significantly. As soon as your order is customized, placed and finalized for production, it is being built to ship. Because we have a more local marketplace and production facility, you and your employees are able to avoid the hassle of dealing with off-shore suppliers.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Lastly, Hopp companies offers unparalleled customer service. Unlike web based companies, we offer live support for all of your questions, concerns or needs. There are many factors to consider when choosing products and our experienced staff knows exactly how to customize and tailor each product to your target consumers. Additionally, Hopp employees can assist you in choosing the proper finishes to make your business as appealing as possible, with effective, technical guidance and support.

Shelf Strips and Plastic Shelf Strips

Every day, millions of people go in and out of stores searching to buy one or multiple items as part of their daily needs. Some of them do a quick buy and others spend countless hours just to gather all the things they need before paying for them. Going through a large store to purchase a simple item could be a maze and it may take your customers a lot longer than expected.  You certainly want the names and the prices of your products crystal clear for shoppers. Every store owner would want their customers to have a pleasant shopping experience and as much as possible, with ease in locating their goods.

Your customers will breeze through their shopping list and it saves them a whole lot of time too.

Shelf Strips

Hopp Companies produces clear and colorful plastic shelf strips that are durable, long-lasting, and easy to attach, and come with different sizes and color. We are your Go-To supplier in plastic shelf strips as we can manufacture any size and any color you may require from us. From supermarkets, hardware stores, drug stores or any retail market available, we could supply you our quality products with ease.  At Hopp, we custom make the size and color you want in any volume of order. They are also designed to protect the product’s name and prices from careless or sticky hands.

In Store Supplies

You know that lots of products are being bought and sold daily. As a business owner, you would like to capture as much of the market share as possible by providing a large majority of consumer needs in your line of retail. Plastic shelf strips and plastic chips carry a big significance in the placement of your product. Your different products could easily be found with the help of those. The question that comes to your mind is: “How can a small piece of plastic help my business and my customers?”

In a large store there can be a multitude of sections (anything from Health and Beauty to Automotive to Children’s toys etc.) and you want to be able to give each type of item proper attention. How can you make that particular section stand out and easy to browse for your customers? That’s where the plastic shelf strips come in.  In that section, use a light shelf strip color such as blue. In that way, when a customer goes around to search a particular category of items they’ll easily recognize that the section they are looking for is filled with the color blue shelf strips. The next time they buy from you, they will firmly remember where to go and thus, it is easier for them go around your store. Your customers will breeze through their shopping list and it saves them a whole lot of time too. It’s great when you think about it that a little modification for your store could lead to more sales for your business.

Products that Fit Every Need from a Company that Knows What You Need

The Hopp family has been involved with in-store pricing and signage for over 100 years; since 1893 when brothers Herman and Leo Hopp made cardboard and paper signs and price numbers for use in grocery stores.

Hopp Companies has a very large variety of products related to point of purchase in-store marketing.

Old Fashioned Store Signs

Then as the use of plastic replaced paper and cardboard,  Hopp “hopped” on board and began to produce plastic shelf strips and plastic label and sign holders and Label and Sign Covers to suit every in- store requirement.

Their customers include, but are not limited to: grocery stores, warehouses, liquor stores, department stores, auto parts stores and many more! See our testimonials!

Hopp Companies has a very large variety of products related to point of purchase in-store marketing.

Hope product.

Hopp Companies has a very large variety of products related to point of purchase in-store marketing.

Today the Hopp family is represented by third generation Robert Hopp and The Hopp Companies, Inc.  They have a proven track record in significantly increasing sales in almost every industry they are affiliated with.  Hopp’s vision is to help store and business owners improve the sales of their products and assist with in-store marketing, while saving them precious time and money.  The owners of Hopp understand how hard business owners work and struggle every day and they want to remove the stress and workload of one of their business tasks.  There is no business too small, Hopp services everyone mom and pop shops to major national retailers.

Are You Looking For Plastic Strips?

Plastic Strips1.    Because we know that one size does not fit all, we  supply our plastic strips in several different widths, as need by each of your customers.

2.    Because over time rubber can bands dry up, crack and leave lines (chemical blush marks) on the plastic, we elastic band our plastic stripes.plastic strips

3.    Since most companies want their own packing, we band our plastic strips as required by our customers (in 100s, in 50s, in25s, etc.) and we pack them accordingly.

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Your Unique is Our Norm

Our plastic pricing strips and hang tags can come in any size you needAt The Hopp Companies we make all plastic chips, plastic strips plastic backtags and plastic hangtags in the sizes that you need. The widths can vary from one quarter of an inch, to one and one quarter inches, to four inches, to six inches or whatever you need.

All you need to do is to tell us how wide, how long and how thick you need them to be. Or you can send us a sample or a picture of what you need or what you need the plastic chip or plastic strip to fit into.

We do not believe that one-size-fits all. We make your plastic chips, strips, backtags and hangtags the way you need them to be. We can even print your logo or your product information on make your plastic chips, plastic strips, plastic backtags and plastic hangtags.

Do you need a size that you may think is not standard? Have you had the experience of being told that your measurement needs to fit someone else’s standards? You don’t have to worry about this at Hopp Companies!

You can rely on us to always ship you the exact thing, time-after-time or to make whatever changes that you want at any time.